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Rondex Thailand Co.,Ltd. A subsidiary
company of Naigai Co.,Ltd. (a Japanese
Apparel Company), was established in 1947
and has been manufacturing rubber thread
for over 60 years.
A new factory was established in Thailand
in 2002. There are 4 Japanese staff
stationing and producing “NDX” under
strict quality control of ISO 9001:2000.
We are striving to manufacture of high-
quality rubber thread, reliable standard
rubber thread with high technology. 
The company manufactures rubber thread
under the trade name of “Rondex” being
the long round cross-section latex thread
to be knitted and woven into elastic band
for use in complement with men and
women underwear, socks, panty hoses,
diaper, etc. The products have 3 types of
synthetic rubber “NDX”, natural rubber
“SSDX” and rubber powder “RN 100”. The
product is divided into 3 categories in
accordance with the Rubber thread
The management of Rondex (Thailand) Co.,
Ltd. is determined to develop and
administer the quality management system
to be consistent with the ISO 9001: 2008
standard. Moreover, it also sets the policy
and objectives on the quality emphasizing
the essence of satisfaction and response
to the requirements of customers as well
as the continuous improvement of the
effectiveness of the quality management
An affiliate company of
World Best Quality Rubber Thread Manufacturer
Rondex NDX Rubber Theread