“NDX” is the combination of natural and synthetic rubber latex. It is a high quality rubber thread with high durability and great comfort.
Pursuit to durability - Insistence makes confidence.

“NDX” is a blended rubber thread of natural and synthetic latex.
Hence it is much more durable than the one made by natural later only.
The top cuff part of clothing like socks usually deteriorates during wearing and washing, “NDX” can solve this problem with its high level of durability.
What Is NDX ?
The comfort of fitness - The gentleness in socks
“NDX” is mainly used for clothing, especially socks. If the tension of top cuff part of socks is too strong, it will cause pressure to skin. If it is too weak, socks will fall down easily. As “NDX” has the most suitable stretch ability, it is gentle to skin, not easy to fall down and has the best fitness.
Compared with natural rubber and spandex, “NDX” stretches gently and shrinks promptly. (Please refer to below S-S test graph)
Therefore, socks made by “NDX” at the elastic part, don’t tighten much and don’t fall down easily. It is comfortable when wearing.
Distinguished Durability

“NDX” has the following advantages when compared with natural rubber and spandex.
- Durable to washing (detergent, bleacher)
- Durable to ageing (deterioration of tension)
- Durable to weather (light, ozone)
- Durable to wear  
Even under severe condition, the superior durability can still perform will.
"NDX" guarantees it!

"NDX" performs its distinguished durability even under bad condition
The Lab Test of Ch
orine Resistance Between "NDX" & "Spandex"
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